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EVE- Our first sister

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

We have now arrived at the point in the story of Eden, that everybody in the Christian world has read about and of the great villainess called Eve, who supposedly single handily lost us paradise. I will not coverup her part within this tragedy but will try enlighten everybody on what really happened and the consequence of her actions.

In previous articles, we have examined the case against Adam, who seemed to appear lackadaisical about his position as the Lord’s representative and did not truly believe in the divine teaching because in the end he was so easily influenced into eating (accepting) the serpent’s fruit (teaching). We also looked at the great influencer within the garden, the serpent/priest, who by supporting and working on the side of evil, knew exactly what to do in order to take control of this planet and steer its inhabitants away from the Creator. Now it’s time to analyse where the most important player in this game went wrong and became unsuitable for her elevated position.

When one reads the verses in the Bible where Eve becomes the key player, there is very little information to analyse concerning what she did wrong that damned all of creation. According to the writings, she spoke to a talking serpent and ate the fruit of a tree. [i] If one looks at this literally, it seems that these actions were very trivial and insufficient to condemn her for treason and banishment from Eden. It’s not until we examine the symbolism within these actions, that a totally different picture emerges.

What has to be examined and analysed will probably not be accepted by today’s standard of thinking but everyone must understand that much information has been purposely concealed from all women in order to dominate their gift, a legacy that the Lord had endowered them with since the beginning of time. This gift being the capacity to bring forth life. Hence, it has been the ultimate reason for the deliberately buried and/or suppression of knowledge throughout the millenniums, both educational and spiritual, organised against women, all under the demonic plan to enslave them and their creative powers. For a woman will bring forth a child according to her spirit. An example of this is that if a woman is emotionally happy during her pregnancy the child will usually be a happy baby. This may be also said of the woman who is unhappy or troubled during her pregnancy so will the child be. The grave result due to Eve’s acceptance of the serpent/priest’s teaching was that over time, all of humanity became imprisoned within the new regime controlled by the Devil and his preaching minions. Consequently, because of Eve’s choice to reject the Lord and His law there was no divine example for anyone to imitate. Instead she gave us Cain, who murdered his own brother. [ii] What people, especially women do not understand is that the real reason for the creation of the garden scenario was to instruct us, after our fall from Heaven, on how to return, to reconnect spiritually with the Creator. All this, so that we would finally eliminate the possibility of the creation of a devilish regime that was continuously looking for a way to establish itself, as illustrated with the arrival of the serpent within the garden.

Let’s start our investigation at the beginning with the creation of the garden. God, after He created man and woman, blessed them. This blessing was in a sense the first joining together of a couple or marriage performed on this planet. He then said, “be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth (with children) and subdue it.”[iii] That was the law or command that He gave them. This was the reason why they and the garden had been created. As they brought forth children, they were supposed to subdue the rebellious souls and change them into children of God. That was what God wanted from them, to be fruitful and replenish the earth in in His image and likeness.[iv] Therefore, if Eve had been faithful to the true teaching, she would have been seen by humanity as a co-creator with God, like Mary became, through which true gods would have emerged.

Unfortunately, the Lord. Himself, could not compel or constrain us to change since He had created us free and with a will of our own. That is how great and magnificent He is. Therefore, repentance for our part in supporting Lucifer’s rebellion had to come from us and this from observing and putting into practise the teaching, or virtues, that the Lord had imparted to Adam. Unfortunately, the important question to be asked by us is: was the teaching and the divine commandment put into practice? No, for a minister on the opposite team, the serpent/priest, spiritually and physically corrupted Eve with his devilish teaching, while Adam, who should have been protecting her from this demon, revealed that he was sleeping on the job.

That was where everything went wrong. Our souls had been conceived free, for God in his generous goodness would never have created us in order to enslave us. Yet, we must understand that in order to rise from our now lowly, rebellious position to the magnificence perfection of a child of God, we have to want it and earn it. In Heaven, where God was (and is) an invisible spirit, He had raised Lucifer to the position of teacher because he had earned it. Unfortunately, since no one could see God, Lucifer overtime started to change the divine teaching in order to assume the position of God. With God being an invisible entity to the numerous souls up there, Lucifer’s teaching modus operandi was to encourage the idea that matter, the material world, such as the flesh, fame, wealth or position, etc., rather than the spiritual realm, became the most important factor in our life. Therefore, with time this ideology held a great sway over many of the inhabitants and being a physically beautiful arch-angel (messenger) with a position of power, people fell for the deception. Under his powerful influence, we sided with him, went to war against God and were forced to leave Heaven.

On this new planet, with Eve and the Eden project, the serpent/ priest, used the same ploy that his master did. Remember, the first thing he did was try to change the teaching [v]and the second was to praise her by saying that she would be like God [vi] if she ate the fruit (accepted his teaching) and she was pleased and flattered by these words. She allowed herself to be ensnared with this same vainglorious thinking that she would become important in her own right without God’s help but by way of the teaching (influence) originating from the Devil’s minion.[vii] The same vainglorious illusion that Lucifer had acted under and ended up being thrown out of Heaven for. In today’s world, as it has happened continuously throughout history, this route towards the perception of material gain and personal recognition is but a duplicitous diversion, that all humans live for, believe in, struggle for, even kill for. The belief that some how we are important somebodies has become imperative in our personal life. Consequently, that is where we have gone wrong, just like Eve did, for as Jesus said, “the Spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing.”[viii]

Only God is great, as Jesus proved by refusing the simple title of ‘good master’.[ix] Unfortunately, Eve flattered by serpent/priest’s words, seen symbolically within the story by the temptation to eat the fruit of his tree, thinking that by ingesting it, that she would become as great as God, was the beginning of the end of paradise. She stupidly allowed herself to be fooled both spiritually and physically by his devilish flattery, and with time, dominating teaching. This adultery of both the spiritual and physical domain produced Cain, the murderer.

It was this demonic serpent/priest’s spiritual teaching that influenced Eve into producing an evil and malicious human devil, who thought nothing of killing his own brother because he was envious of him.[x] That was how vile the serpent/priest’s teaching was in contrast to God’s doctrine, which produced our only example of a divine child, Jesus. Thus, that was the reason why the demonic serpent/priest had to ensure that Eve was seduced over to the dark side because she was the door through which, all gods or demons must use to be born into this world. That was why it was so important to have Eve, not Adam, accept the serpent/priest’s demonic teaching, so that all her descendance would have for spiritual father Satan, as Jesus declared.[xi] Therefore, in the end, Eve profound transgression was the refusal to subdue the rebellious soul, granting them full control over the planet, when she and Adam rejected the Lord’s teaching. Preferring, Satan’s and his priestly minion’s teaching over that of God’s was why Eve (and Adam) lost paradise.


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