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Continuing the search for the hidden culprits that have kept us away from the true God after the collapse of Eden, let us study Jesus’ parable of the five wise and five foolish virgins.[i] This is an extremely important elucidation of what women must do to connect with the true spiritual Father, according to the one and only child of God. Within the parable is the image, the key concept, where women are identified as the most important and indispensable component within this fight between two rulers, one true, one false, each endeavoring to establish their regimes over this planet and its people. Let’s now start at the beginning.

            At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise.

            The first important thing to note here is the timeline. These specific words at that time, establish the idea that this event will happen at a future date and not during Jesus’ time. For he warned us that after him would be a time of darkness (night) where no one could work for his salvation.[ii] This indicates that he prophesied the event of this parable at a time well after his death by the fact, that so far no one has ever reproduced a divine child on this planet in over two thousand years. Still, he gives us to understand here, that in that future time, there would be a spiritual awakening towards a reconnection, a reconciliation with the kingdom of heaven.  This parable mentions that the bridegroom, for whom they were all awaiting, was a long time in coming.  Here again, we get the feeling of expecting someone to arrive at a future time.  Remember that God’s timeline is not like ours and that a day for Him would be like a thousand years for us.[iii]

The next important point is to identify who this person was that they went to meet and were waiting for during the night.  This person represents the symbolic image of God under the appearance of a bridegroom.  For in this parable, the bridegroom is the illustrative persona of THE SPIRITUAL MATE that all women, who wish for heaven, must aspire to know and espouse.  For we must never forget that all of Jesus’ teaching was about learning what his Father and heaven were about.

The next symbol to investigate within this text is the number five. The reason why Jesus used the number five was that it was a symbol for the number of months that the ewe carries her lamb, which was what John the Baptist called Jesus.[iv]  Jesus was prophesizing, with this parable, that a time would come when women like Mary, once they finally understood how, would start to create children in the image of the only true Lamb of God that this planet had ever produced. That is why Jesus declared that heaven was like ten virgins, not ten males or teachers or prophets, etc.  For only women can serve the Lord in this important task, as they were originally created to be the co-creators with Him and bear the next generations of divine children.  That is why he used the word virgin.  It was to better point out that only a woman in a purely spiritual and mental state, after she espoused the true bridegroom, would be able to conceive divine children. This also explains why the serpent/priest in Eden connected with Eve and not Adam, because she had the power to birth children.[v]


The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them.  The wise, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. 


All these women had their lamps when they went to meet the bridegroom.  The lamps here represent their minds, their mental capacity where they keep their spiritual and intellectual knowledge. This mind/spirit is there to illuminate our choices and the paths that we pursue. Notice how they went to meet the bridegroom without male supervision or escort, meaning that all women have the mental and spiritual capacity to connect and be with God without the aid of a priest or any other man’s permission.  The parable seemed to enhance the image that they were a group, a community of women traveling (spiritually) toward the same destination. 

Unfortunately, as many know, spiritual knowledge and comprehension take much effort, and a lot of work, and for eons that privilege (freedom) to search for this enlightenment and wisdom had too often been denied and withheld from her in a society governed by the males of our species, whose only wish is to continue their domination over her, specifically the serpent/priests, ever since the fall of Eden. A right they do not have since both genders were created equal.[vi]

Within this parable, there is an underscoring of the lack of spiritual erudition by some of the women on this journey, by saying that the foolish ones only took their lamps (minds) while the wise women made the additional effort to bring extra oil in jars for the journey.  Extra oil to ensure that their spiritual and mental light would not go out during the time of darkness.  Furthermore, as previously seen in the article on Pandora, a jar can also be perceived as an image of the womb. Therefore, the wise women were ensuring that their oil (spiritual knowledge) in their jars (both minds and wombs) would also allow their children the capacity to connect with God the Father (i.e. the bridegroom) and allow them to be born divine and peaceful like Jesus.



The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.


Here is where the danger arises. If we allow ourselves to fall asleep and allow the darkness to envelop our intellect (during the night when salvation is impossible), then we are no longer alert to the dangers surrounding us.  One must remember that it is during the night (times of ignorance of God’s will) when everyone is sleeping (intellectual and spiritual darkness) that the enemy sows his weeds in the field.[vii] This is why Jesus said that a time was coming, a dangerous time when no one could work to save themselves. Hence, until the arrival of this bridegroom, the situation or the problem would be the difficulty of advancing one’s spiritual knowledge during these times, having barely enough oil (comprehension) for oneself, with nothing to spare for others who are too foolish to work at it.

 That is what this parable is revealing. Women are now in an era where they can acquire spiritual and intellectual learning, even though there is still a lot of darkness and evil around, something they were unable to realize in other centuries. Unfortunately, even with higher education now opened to them, women are still sleeping, losing interest (drowsiness) in the all-important spiritual work which is their rightful entitlement, and allowing themselves to fall asleep.


Then at midnight (middle of the night), the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’ 


 At this point, the parable seems to be declaring that someone with this divine knowledge, someone they were waiting for, would arrive during the middle of the night (time of spiritual darkness). Remember, Jesus said that he would send us the Counsellor or Comforter, who would teach us all we need to know.[viii] Someone who will comfort and counsel us during these dark, perilous, and dangerous times when Hell is fighting very hard to ensure its continuous, unceasing, uninterrupted reign down here. Where evil’s wickedness can be seen rampaging around at a rate we have never perceived before.  When no one feels safe. When almost every evil thought and action is so easily accepted by the greater majority of people in this world.

A that call,

   all the virgins woke and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’ ‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both of us and you.  Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourself.’


Within that sentence is the clue to where the malevolent culprits are hiding.  It is to those merchants that the foolish women went.  The same merchants, that Jesus drove out of the temples.  Within those places of worship, where he accused those merchants (whose chief occupation is the selling and buying of one’s way into heaven) of having turned his temple (the front of your brain) into a den of thieves.  Thieves, who try to buy, sell, or steal their way into heaven.  It is there within those temples/churches that the serpent /priests sell their poisonous snake oils to foolish humans (like Adam and Eve). Oils that represent all their teaching, their malicious dogmas. Teachings that poison the soul and in time can even kill it,[ix] by having people accept any or all the different evils that they preach. Evils like wars, crusades, witch hunts, inquisitions, ex-communications, wars against other beliefs, religions were people, sometimes children are sacrificed on altars, etc.  

We know that Jesus did not physically chase out the merchants of the temple of his time because they had, by Jewish law, a legal right to be there and they would have had Jesus arrested.  No, he symbolically (verbally) lashed out at them. During his brief time on Earth, Jesus was continuously upbraiding the serpent/priests (these merchants of snake oils) who pretended to have the knowledge of God and who sold it and various other merchandise (rituals) to the people for a price. Unfortunately, in reality, they knew nothing of the true God.  Even at the age of twelve, Jesus was confounding them.[x]

Also, it is written that immediately after this incident, the blind and the lame (the populace) came to Jesus in the temple (where the intellect is found in a person), and he healed them. Demonstrating that only true divinity can heal the people of their spiritual handicaps. The Bible also states that the reaction of the chief priest and the teachers of the law to this act of healing the populace was that they were indignant with him.[xi] Eventually, they managed to get rid of him by having him crucified.


But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived.  The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. Later, the others also came. ‘Sir! Sir!’ they said. ‘open the door for us!’

But he replied. ‘I tell you the truth. I don’t know you.’


  Here, the parable reveals, that the wise women understood that they couldn’t afford, in this time of darkness, to disburse their spiritual knowledge on foolish women (women who had come unprepared, who didn’t care where they got their oil from), for the wise understood that they could easily have also lost their way, their relationship, their place with the bridegroom/God.  Remember that they were also caught dozing.  This indicates how dangerous this period will be, how easy for anyone to fall asleep and no longer be alert for the signs of the bridegroom.  Fortunately, the wise had put in the extra effort, by taking the precaution to bring more oil (undertaking more studying, more spiritual preparation) to keep their lamps (spiritual intellect) from going out. At this point, we must realize and comprehend that their oil had not been purchased from these merchants and, therefore not contaminated. For this extra effort, they were accepted and recognized by the bridegroom and allowed to participate in the wedding banquet. The wedding banquet where the women were admitted within to espouse the divine language, the divine nourishment that will allow them to become co-creators with God.

In conclusion, this parable ends with a direct warning that the oils that foolish women obtained from the merchants/priests were not acknowledged by God.  This erroneous oil, used by all religions, does not enlighten the spirit and the proof is that for all these millenniums, since the death of Jesus, not one of those faiths has produced divine children.  This parable also makes it very clear, that whoever tries to enter the wedding banquet (connection with God) with this oil will not be recognized by Him and will not be granted a place in heaven, which is a state of mind and spirituality. It is extremely important that women do their own research for spiritual advancement and not depend on the male/priest’s interpretation of God’s desires and instructions. Hence, they must no longer rely on the snake oil sold to them by the priests from every religion on this planet, for it will not secure them any recognition from the true God. 

 Women must understand that it is only through them (the sole/soul gateway) working with the Creator, that humans can achieve true divinity in this world, something that cannot be achieved by these religious organizations or institutions. Unfortunately, the serpent/priests have always understood this creative power of hers. Hence, the power struggle in Eden, where the snake with his malicious brand of oils, won control over this planet and created a living Hell for us.  Fortunately, a time is coming when she will take back her true gift, by understanding and reconnecting with the true God and endow humanity (her children) with the attributes of the Celestial Spirit.




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