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Pandora, The Greek Eve

After reading the tale of Pandora’s box,[i]most people can easily see the similarity with the biblical story of Eve. This myth is just another story where women are seen as the root of why everything went wrong in the world. Unfortunately, as men write these tales, they never truly see who the real puppet-master is behind the curtain, because the majority of them wish to remain blind and untainted regarding their part in the problem. Hence, they constantly feel that it is their duty to remind her of their superior position in this world, (one fabricated and erroneous), by continually abasing and humiliating her in every way they can, even though originally, both genders had been created equally by God. By the fact that they obscure and refuse to see who the true perpetrator of the problem is, even within this simple myth, leads one to the assertion that they are a fearful group and that their so called dominate position can only be kept by using brute force and despicable practices to force her to comply to their wishes. If she would only wake up to this realization and overthrow the real culprit who rules this hellish world through her, she would be free of her bondage to him. For as co-creator with the Lord-Creator, she alone, between the two genders, has the true power to produce and establish a better world. So let us now analyze who the true, hidden malefactor is within this myth.

Pandora was according to Greek mythology, the first woman created on the order of the Olympian god Zeus. Zeus had Pandora fashioned in order to exact revenge on Prometheus, who like the true God, had aided humans by stealing (giving) fire to them. Therefore, the image of fire here should be spiritually seen or understood as light or better yet enlightenment, like what the people of Eden had received. Pandora’s name means all gifts for according to the myth, for it was said that she had been fashioned with numerous endowments by the gods. She had been made from clay by Hephaestus, whose hot forges were thought to be under the volcano Etna. She was then given various gifts or traits by the other Olympian gods. Life and clothes were given by Athena. Great beauty was Aphrodite’s gift in order to seduce men and Hermes taught her guile and treachery, to name a few.

She was then given to Epimetheus, the foolish brother of Prometheus, who married her even though he had been forewarned by his brother to beware of any gifts from the gods. This is exceedingly similar to the Lord warning Adam to stay away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Tree which held the serpent and whose fruit/teaching both Eve and Adam eventually espoused. Hence, Epimetheus emerges as a figure resembling our careless Adam, who had been found spiritually sleeping while Eve was supposedly being fashioned for him from his rib. In both stories, these women can be seen as having been molded for a purpose, which ended up impeding those humans (souls) that both superior beings were trying to help.

Now let us discover the real villains, who were deliberately hidden and ignored within this tale. The most important information that every woman must take from this myth, is that Pandora had been fashioned or rather molded. She was a product, a creation of the gods, educated by the gods. Gods who are usually only found within the realms of religions. This myth is a symbolic way of explaining that, in general, woman’s spiritual and intellectual education, and consequently those of her children, have always been fashioned, one way or another, throughout the millenniums, ever since the Fall, by religions (priests) with their various gods. Gods who have had as their mastermind since the fall, the symbolic serpent, the representative of everything evil. For throughout history, most religions have always shown themselves to be a hateful and intolerable lot. Repeatedly at war, at one time or another with other beliefs, as well as with the people who support these institutions, despite their declaration of a holy vocation.

The myth continues by explaining that after she had been fashioned, a sealed jar or casket containing evil was given into her care. This is an extremely important piece of information, for a jar or casket is usually fabricated to hold things. Understanding that the main character in this story is about a woman, the jar or casket would therefore represent the image of the womb which can hold a child. The development of each child is done within a woman’s womb, which has the shape of an amphora jar. Unfortunately, because of the way she had been molded by the priests, her child floats within the evil influence that has been her inheritance from the gods. There is an old saying that when a woman is pregnant the Devil works overtime. How true this saying is, for at this phase she more emotional and therefore much easier to influence.

Unfortunately for humanity, this understanding of the importance of her role in the formation or development of humanity, was truly exploited by the gods (religions). To keep their rule over this world, they, like the serpent of Eden, gave her all the evils of the world, within the formation (the education) that she then kept within her container. It was not until when she opened the jar (jar symbolizing her womb), having been prepared by the gods or rather the priest’s education, that her curiosity of what they had given her, what the jar held, that the enclosed evils were set free upon the world to plague and oppress humanity.

Unfortunately, as the image of the first woman, she truly delivered on her name ‘all gifts’ as she has incessantly gifted the world with all the evil, diseases, woes and misery brought on by the actions of her children, therefore rendering humanity’s lives hellish. Like Eve, whose curiosity of what the snake was offering, allowed Satan’s evil to enter the world under the appearance of her firstborn child, Cain. A child who came out of her womb/jar and who murdered his brother because of his uncontrollable jealousy. What could be more horrendously evil then the taking of someone’s life. Like Pandora, Eve allowed all the evil gifts of the serpent/priest to escape into the world through her children, and now the Devil and his vile influence, promulgated by his many little gods, via his many religions, rules the world. Even the spirit of Hope was not a truly divine gift, as it is never a hundred percent certain that all can be made right again with it.

Another version of this myth, is that the jar or casket belonged to Prometheus, within which he held for mankind all the good benevolences in order to help them. This was originally the plan for Eden, for if paradise had not fallen, humanity would have been gifted with all the divine gifts of the Lord. Having found the box in the house, Pandora, who had been molded by the gods, allowed her “curiosity” to open the box without Prometheus’ permission or his blessing. In this version, we must understand that we need the Creator’s blessing or gifts to bring back all the good into the world which had flown way.

Women must stop being molded or educated by all religious men (the servants of Satan) who only want to use them as a gateway to continue his evil rule over this world, which should be a paradise. Women must now endow humanity with all the gifts that a child of God can possess. Remember, all the gifts that Jesus had. Besides a direct connection with the Creator, his father, he had the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy, walking on the waters, feeding the multitude, to name but a few of his divine qualities. He was a child filled with peace, generosity, purity, comprehension of the divine, integrity, love and every other aspect that is good in this world. So good that he asked his father to forgive the people who were crucifying him, knowing that they did not understand what they were doing. One has only to read the gospels for all of miraculous things he could do. So great was this gift of divinity that the true God gave to Mary’s child, that after only three years of teaching, he is still remembered, two thousand years later, as greatest man to ever walk the earth. If Eve had not been misled and seduced by the devilish serpent/priest, we would have inherited all those divine gifts, instead of the Devil’s bent for evil.

So finally, one can see that the myth of Pandora is a close copy to that of Eve’s story. It demonstrates that because of their education by the gods or the serpent/priests, these women ended up punishing humanity by letting evil into the world. It is with the image of the jar or the fruit, spiritually symbolizing the womb, that we now understand how evil gain control of this world. On the other hand, we now know how to correct the problem.


… When will the WOMEN WITH HELP FROM THE LIGHT wake up and minister to their sisters so that they can repopulate the earth with CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT.

Stop being selfish, sisters and mothers! Become the enlightenment of all your sisters and cover the earth with children of love, following the desires of the Father Creator, for the happiness of all the elected, on Earth as in Heaven…




[i] Gods and Mortals in Classical Mythology/ A Dictionary Michael Grant and John Hazel

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