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The Art of the Covenant- A depiction of her imperceptible enslavement

Updated: May 4, 2023

This article would like to present the hypothesis that a spiritually devilish plan has been in the works (since the seduction of Eve), to enslave both spiritually and physically women in order to keep them working for the evil entity ruling this world, symbolized by the serpent/priest. The domination of her gift to give life is so important to Satan and his preaching minions of every denomination in the world and over every era, that it is a wonder if she will ever be able to break free from under this heavy yoke. It is the intent of this article to present and decipher one of the many hidden illustrations within the Bible that depicts this enslavement of woman/mother by the serpent/priest.

If one recalls previous articles, the idea that the garden was a place where we were supposed to reconnect with God, our Creator, after our fall from Heaven. Unfortunately, with the seduction of Eve (woman) by the serpent/priest, Satan (the adversary) was given control over the planet and the humans living on it. [i] Fortunately, in the end, God will triumph over the Devil and the people (souls) who desired and earned it will be allowed to return to His fold.[ii]

Alas, with the fall of paradise, woman became both the mistress and the slave of Satan and his preaching cohorts, who claim to speak for God but do not. Preachers of every conceivable religion or faith that had ever been invented throughout the ages have had one thing in common, which is to enslave woman spiritually and mentally, which would then allow them to subjugate and rule over her and her offspring, since a woman will bring forth children according to her spirit. Since priests, no matter what particular religion they belong to, do not know the true God because they have never been able to produced divine children like Jesus, it must then be acknowledged and understood that they are championing and upholding this temporary ruler of the planet. This by the means of perpetuating his evil doctrine in order to be part of the ruling host which has for mandate the enslavement of all the inhabitants living upon this world. Remember, “you have for father the Devil”, as Jesus revealed.[iii]

To support the allegation of woman’s enslavement within this existing regime, let us examine one of the stories within the Bible that symbolically enhances this image. The story in question is that of the Ark of Covenant, also called the Ark of Testimonies. The story of this Ark is an excellent image demonstrating that the woman/mother has been bound (enslaved) by the priesthood, in order to enhance their power within this devilish reign. The Ark itself was simply a box that contained what the Jews, after their exodus from Egypt, considered as holy relics such as the book of the laws, the broken tablets of the commandments, Aaron’ staff and a pot of manna.

As previously mentioned, the language of God is understood through pictures, images, symbols and the etymology or meaning of words. That was why Jesus thanked his Father, for hiding these things from the wise and the learned, and revealing them to the little children, for that is what we are, children just beginning to understand the divine language.[iv] The wise and learned, who have always been our spiritual, political and educational leaders through out the ages, never had the keys to unravel any of the clues that could have saved us. Furthermore, they never would have used these keys to help us since their ultimate goal has always been our enslavement to them. Fortunately, by speaking in images everyone can be made to see the hidden pictures and understand the messages.

What people have never understood was that the story of this Ark was basically the symbol, the image representing the mother’s womb, which had been designed to hold the most precious of holy objects, that of a divine child. Unfortunately, because she, through the story of Eve, gave her creative power over to Satan (the adversary) and his servants the priests, instead of God, hence her banishment from paradise, this Ark for the moment holds a negative picture of the mother. It holds the image of her enslavement to the great serpent ruling this world through his servants from every religion that has ever been created.

The first sign of her enslavement was that there were four rings of gold fastened around the feet of this box, through which poles were thrust in order to carry it around. For some reason the images of slaves with bands around their ankles come to mind. Slaves chained to beds coming from Africa, on Roman galleys or prisoners with manacles around their feet so that they can’t run away. What is very strange is that the word feet and not legs, like on a table, was used to describe where the gold rings were fastened to.[v] That the word ‘feet’ was used within this story is very symbolic. The image here is that feet represent the base of a person. They symbolize how we walk and act in this world, whether we go forward or backwards. With the Ark/mother, her feet (base) being encased in slave rings of gold and the fact that she was not allowed to walk on her own, but was forcibly carried from place to place by the Levite priests of the Kohath tribe in charge of the Ark demonstrates her lack of freedom.[vi] As a side bar, Kohath was the second son of Levi and the word Levi means to bind, join, attach. [vii] Is that not an eye-opening symbol? The mother who is suppose to be carrying holy objects (divine children) is not free but bound, attached and forcibly led around by priests whose founder’s name in this story means to bind, to attach.

It is also written that this Ark was often sent ahead of the army, like during the fall of Jericho.[viii] This would denote the idea that leaders, like the priests, need to have the mother(s) on their side in order to create soldiers or rather murderers like Cain for their wars and conquests, even though the commandments clearly state thou shall not kill or steal. However, one must remember that the stone tablets with those commandments on it had been shattered by Moses (the lawgiver) before they were placed in the Ark (mother).

In order to keep the woman/mother under their control, it should be noted that the Ark was covered with gold inside and out, as well as it’s molding. [ix] Here is another picture similar to that of the serpent/priest flattering Eve, trying to emphasis that she was highly important by covering her with gold, (a symbol of the material world), so that she would not see the disobedience of her duty to God. Is this not one of Satan’s greatest ploys to use materialistic things to keep us from our true spiritual path. Does not humanity, her children continuously desire and crave wealth to the point of doing despicable things for it. Where does this craving come from if not from Moses the legislator of that time, who grounded down the golden calf that Aaron the priest had fabricated for the people, into powder then scattered it on the water and made the people drink it.[x] Waters that symbolically represent the mother with her amniotic fluids of conception. Therefore, thanks to both Moses the lawgiver, who broke the commandment tablets and Aaron the priest, who manufactured the golden idol, humanity is continuously born with a taste for gold (wealth) and breaking laws to acquire it.

A final note on the description of the Ark was that on the top there was placed two golden cherubim whose wings were to overshadow the Ark (woman).[xi] This reminds me of the passage in Genesis. where after the Fall, they say that God, put a Cherubim in front of the entrance of Eden, ‘A Cherubim (priest) with a flaming sword flashing back and forth TO GUARD THE WAY TO THE TREE OF LIFE. For man … now knowing good and evil must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take from the tree of life and eat and live for ever.’[xii] This Cherubim was not God’s work but that of Satan’s, making sure that the couple could not repent and return to Eden and accomplish their duty. The Cherubim on the Ark represent every order of priests from all denominations, who through their power of wealth and prominent position within society, continually overshadow the woman to ensure that she can not return to the Creator.

Let us now briefly study the four objects that were stored within the Ark. There was the book of laws, which seems to have been removed during the time of confusion.[xiii] This is particularly interesting, that in times of confusion, the priests who were the only ones permitted to touch the Ark (or in this case instruct the mother) would take out the book of laws from the box. Hence, it seems that when times became chaotic, the laws where removed. Would it not have been more intelligent to leave the book of laws within the mother (edification) so that she would know what to do and be able to pass them on to her children. However, on the other hand, for Satan and his minions to control her it was extremely important that she did not know or understand the true spiritual laws that would have enable her to produce children like Jesus, instead of copies like Cain.

The second article in the Ark were the broken tablets that Moses had brought down from the mountain. These tablets were broken at the base of the mountain, which is another image of the pregnant mother, after Moses saw the Hebrews worshipping the golden calf that Aaron, the Levite priest had fashioned. One must ask where was Aaron’s sincere and dedicated belief in the one true God that the Hebrews were supposed to be known for? Consequently, in reaction to Aaron’s unholy golden creation, the tablets on which the holy laws were written on were no longer whole but broken pieces when they were later on deposited in the Ark/mother. Again, impossible for her to understand the commandments and give them to her children, since the laws were shattered and fragmented.

The third article was a jar of manna. This manna was given to the Jewish people when they were dying of hunger (especially for the word of God) in the desert. Manna from the Hebrew meaning What is it? and the Arabic Gift. This manna rained down each morning from the heavens in a form of flakes and then the people would gather it and ground it to make bread. Unfortunately, the people could not hoard it because it quickly decayed by the next morning, smelling rotten and full of maggots. [xiv] Symbolically, this bread could not have come from the true God because corruption is not part of His world. This manna was the gift of Satan pretending to be a god and symbolizes the spiritual food that his priests gave the people to eat during the forty years (or four thousand years since the fall) that the people (humanity) wandered around in the desert of Sin. For Jesus mentioned that the people ate this manna in the desert and yet they died (spiritually) for this was not the true teaching of God.[xv] Whereas, Jesus being a divine child could give the people the true bread of life, the true spiritual teaching of God. It is also written that when the sun was high the manna would melt away, meaning that when the true light of God appeared these spiritual errors disappeared.

It is also very interesting that Moses the lawgiver of that time told Aaron the priest to put some of this manna in a jar to be kept for future generations. Consequently, this very questionable manna was deposited in the Ark/mother in order that she would continuously feed her future children with this dubious spiritual teaching. Hence, proving once again that the spiritual rulers on this planet want to keep her and her children enslaved to their way of thinking.

The final article within the Ark was the staff of Aaron. It should be noted that this staff continued to flower even after it had been deposited within the Ark. Curiously, this image seems so sexual, in that his staff, as long as it remained within the Ark/mother, continued to have the power to put forth flowers. As previously explained, the staff of Aaron symbolizes the male penis, and in this case that of a priest/serpent in particular, which is now seen as continually bringing forth flowers or children under his religious/spiritual influence. This same staff which had miraculously turned into a serpent in front of the pharaoh of Egypt and his priests. It was this same staff/serpent/penis that turned the Nile (the mother amniotic waters) into blood. An act that symbolises the male/priest’s destructive power over the woman, both spiritually and physically. The Nile that had always been seen by the Egyptian people as a giver of life, is an image of the mother. Unfortunately, because of Aaron’s staff representing the male priest’s penis, as well as the serpent’s teaching, her children are born into a devilish world of blood, wars, suffering and death because of the adulterated teaching she has been given. Aaron, representing all priests, enslaved the mother’s womb with his teaching symbolised by the staff/serpent, turning the Nile (the amniotic waters, which should have been lifegiving), into rivers of blood as seen in the first of ten plagues that descended upon the Egypt of which he as responsible for.[xvi] Aaron’s rod started the first plague, which killed all living things in the Nile/ mother.

Therefore, we can see within this particular biblical story, an image of the enslavement of the woman/mother, owing to the consequence of Eve’s disobedience when she gave her allegiance to the serpent/priest in Eden, who was none other than an emissary of Satan on this planet. Covered in gold (worldly material things), and shackled to the priesthood of every denomination under the sun, she is not free to go where she would like to, but must obey and follow her masters, who like the flowering staff of Aaron continue to ensure that she is the gateway for demons, who have nothing in common with children like Jesus. Jesus who said:

“That he came from the Father(spiritually) and entered the world”.[xvii] The only way he, Jesus, could enter the world was through a mother. Hence, it is now our duty to take Aaron’s staff out of the womb of our sisters and that we repair the broken tablets. We have to take off our golden shackles and start walking the right path, no longer to be slaves and mistresses to these teachers of spiritual darkness, by trying to please them and gaining their approval. All this, so that we can regain our position as co-creator with the Eternal, as Mary was for Jesus.


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