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The devastating failure that was called Adam

As mentioned in prior articles on the story of Eden, that there are many hidden images within the texts of the Bible. Etymologies of words, visions, parables, symbols, myths, dreams etc. are just some of the methods that God uses to talk to mortals. This particular article is the first of many inquiries into Adam’s incompetence in the execution of his duties as a representative of the Lord God’s directives within the Garden of Eden. Though I do not deny Eve’s part in the fall of Eden, I will not allow Adam’s failure in his duties, which had dire consequences in the ultimate outcome of the Eden project, to be swept under the rug.

As previously mentioned, Adam was put into the garden, after he received the Breath of Life, which was the comprehension of God’s desires for His creation. His duty in the garden, according to the written word, was to work it and care for it. [i] It is strange that a physical place that everyone refers to as Paradise, created by God, could not take care of itself. Before acquiring his position, one must remember that Adam had been made from dust because he had been spiritually dead, unaware of the existence of God. Remember the old saying: “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” A phrase that is often said over dead people during funeral rites.

What was the Bible really insinuating about why Adam was in the garden? Would it not be reasonable to suggest that with this new understanding of God, that the Creator wanted Adam to share His doctrine with the other inhabitants of the planet starting with those in the garden. For up to this point in time, the Fallen who populated the planet, had no connection with or understanding of the Creator. Now with the arrival of divine enlightenment, within a new world order (the garden), everyone would have had the chance to be born like Jesus. This new teaching would allow them to connect with God, something that had been denied everyone as punishment for siding with Lucifer in his attempt to overthrow God’s reign on the celestial planet called Heaven. This Edenic garden, under the jurisdiction of Jehovah, was suppose to be a secure place, as long as everyone lived within the law of the new doctrine. A doctrine that Adam was responsible to circulate and proliferate.

The only problem was that Adam turned out to be an incompetent fool. Let us study one of his greatest failures. It is mention in Genesis, where the Lord God COMMANDED the man, (not the woman) “you are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.[ii]

This command would suggest that a dark, negative doctrine was nearby. So powerful was this evil teaching that by absorbing it into oneself it could end your connection with God, who is the true Life. Remember that hidden meanings in the Bible are usually always spiritual. The Apostle John wrote how the Word was life which was the light of men.[iii] A light that was of a spiritual brightness meant to enlighten the mind and soul. Therefore, God was not talking about absorbing material food, but spiritual food. Adam was encouraged by God to nourish himself with the thoughts and words of the other inhabitants in the garden as long as they remained part of the divine language. Adam had been warned not to eat from the tree of good and evil.

Now did Adam understand this order and abide by it? The answer is HELL NO! His incompetence as the Lord’s representative is revealed in Genesis, where Eve having ate the forbidden fruit, she also ‘gave some to her husband, (Adam) who was with her, and he ate it.[iv] Talk about sleeping on the job. Did he not retain anything that God had articulated to him? After having been given a direct verbal command, Adam ignored this order and absorbed the teaching taught by the reptile who was lounging around the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He backed his wife in this direct disobedience of a divine command. Talk about an irresponsible, negligent spokesperson of the law of God. What an idiot, what a spiritual and mental retard. He had been warned, commanded not to absorb the knowledge or teaching from that specific tree and he went ahead and did what was forbidden. What happened to all the enlightenment that he had received from God?

Then, the next question one must ask, did Adam take his position as a teacher seriously or half-heartedly? Did he take this particular command from God superficially? Since she came into the picture much later, was the warning to Eve about the tree done negligently from Adam with very little importance attached to it? If Adam had been doing his job properly, would she have been so easily persuaded by the snake’s words and charms? He must not have understood how important this order was and the reason behind it, even though it had been clearly explained to him. “You die (spiritually) if you absorb this particular fruit. “He may have mentioned it to her but the command seemed to have been deemed unimportant since they both ate the fruit of this forbidden tree and therefore both accepted the wrong teaching. It seems that Adam did not understand that it was his sacred duty to ensure that he and others in the garden did not mix this divine teaching up with that of the snake’s.

Does it not seem strange that Adam was never really condemned by religious teachers through out the centuries for eating the fruit. It was just easier for these same religious men to lay all the blame at Eve’s door while ignoring Adam’s incompetence and violation of the law. For such a condemnation would have surely diminished their importance and control over the spiritual realm of humans. There are other questions about Adam’s ability to spread the divine light during his time in the garden, but it will have to wait for another article.

[i] Genesis 2:15 [ii] Genesis 2 :16-17 [iii] John 1:1-5 [iv] Genesis 3:6

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