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The Serpent

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

At this point in the Eden story, I was not sure whether to proceed with Eve or the serpent. However, the symbolic image of a malevolent reptile within a protected garden is a very intriguing subject because throughout the ages he has been acknowledged as the evil entity that caused the downfall of paradise. It’s a very similar depiction of Lucifer’s achievement, who carried out a war against the Creator and was the cause of our downfall and disgrace from Heaven. Uncovering who the serpent really represents and why this particular physical form was used in this story may come as shock to many readers. You are forewarned.

Now the first question that comes to mind is why did the Bible use the image of a serpent to represent this evil entity that was trying to sabotage the Lord God’s project? Why was this creature not represented as a monkey, whose form closely resembles that of a human or that of a fox known to be cunning? I believe that the serpent’s form was specifically chosen to ensure that everyone would recognize within this symbolic imagery the extremely dangerous spirit that this creature embodied.

Why a serpent? First of all, everyone knows that a serpent does not move in a straight line. Its body advances in a winding, twisting movement, which would suggest that you would never get a straight, honest answer from such a creature. Secondly, as part of the reptile family, there is a certain sense of menace and peril that ought to warn one of danger. Also, when threaten a serpent will seek a dark place, away from the light, in order to hide itself. This is very symbolic in understanding where evil is found. Another reason would be that the snake’s bite is often venomous which can lead to death. Here, the spiritual venom of this talking serpent resulted in the departure of the Lord’s divine influence and sovereignty over the Eden project which had for a final result the death of Paradise. Also, within certain oral tradition, a fork tongue was the sign of a liar. The dictionary notes that the word snake, refers to a treacherous person, someone you can not trust. However, the main reason for the choosing the snake’s form was to hide within the story the fact that Eve was talking to a real man. For males have genitals which bear a resemblance to the form of a snake.

Now, the Bible introduces the serpent with the words that he was “more crafty” than any of the other wild animals.[i] We have already explained in other articles, that when animals are mentioned in the Bible, they are often the symbolic images of humans containing these same beastly attitudes within themselves. Therefore, this serpent symbolised a man. A man who seemed to be extremely interested in the commands or laws that God Himself had outlined for the Eden project. Now the word “crafty” in the dictionary means: skillful in deceiving, cunning. Therefore, we have the Bible describing a deceiving, cunning, and religious man. I use here the term religious because of his extreme interest in the divine spiritual laws that had been established in Eden. For centuries, people who seriously studied anything that pertained to God or spirituality were referred to as religious people. Also, the etymology of the word religious means to bind and that was what he was trying to do. Bind Eve to his way of thinking by changing her understanding of the command concerning the eating of the fruit from a certain tree positioned in the middle of the garden.[ii]

Being extremely crafty, he tried to mislead her right from the start of their conversation by interrogating her on God’s command. He altered the words that they had received to; “Did God really say ‘you must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”[iii] As a liar, this was his first attempt to deceive and confuse her. Was this change in the wording in reference to the tree of Life, that perhaps she should also not eat the fruit from it? Still, she knew that the true order was that they could not eat from or touch his specific tree or they would die. After this first failed attempt, he then tried to change the law by saying “you will not surely die.” [iv]

Now, who was he to twist the meaning of the command by declaring this. Here, we can see how he was extremely accomplished in the art of trying to mislead and confuse people. It could even be said that this was his craft, his talent, his special skill, for in the end he got her to accept his views. The Bible likewise infers that he was superiorly better skilled than any other human/ beast at being cunning and deceiving. Hence, we have here, the image of a male, who is depicted as a lying, treacherous and deceiving person, showing a particular interest, even questioning, the Lord’s spiritual teaching and laws, that had been established within the garden. He then proceeds to twist and falsify their meaning, indicating and confirming to the reader, that he was going out of his way to change them. Does that not make you think of Lucifer, who became so good in the art of misleading people with his version of the divine teaching that he managed to ensnare a large part of Heaven’s population into backing and following him against God, the Creator.

So, why was this particular tree important to him? In most artistic representation of that famous scene, it will have the serpent coiled around its branches. The symbolic truth was that the tree represented his base of operation within the garden where he imparted his teachings and deceptions. As the spokesperson for Lucifer (Satan), this tree represented his doctrinal beliefs. Unlike God’s tree of Life, where the information was all good, the serpent/ priest’s teaching of the knowledge of good and evil, could kill you spiritually and taint you physically. Unfortunately, his cunning and deceptive falsehoods convinced her that it would be advantageous for her to know what evil was, as well as goodness, for it would elevate her to a position of being like (or equal to) God.

Now the next question that comes to mind, was why the serpent was hanging around in the garden talking to Adam’s wife? When questioning the divine command why didn’t this snake go talk to Adam, the Lord’s representative and supposedly in charge of all spiritual teaching within the garden. Why does it look like the serpent was going behind Adam’s back and trying to influence Eve? Why was she, and not Adam, so vital to the serpent’s plans? How could this minion of Satan had been allowed to establish himself within the garden and not been chased out by Adam? Once again, it would seem that the nonchalant Adam was sleeping on the job. So, what was the reason for the serpent to seek out Eve, when Adam could have explained the law? The answer was that she was the only one with the true capacity to fulfill this holy project, together with the understanding of God’s teaching that Adam had been in charge of imparting to the inhabitants of the garden. It would have been through her and all other women whom she represented, that Children of God, like Jesus, would have immerged onto this planet. Hence, it was for this reason that it was so important that the serpent seduce her to the dark side.

Which he succeeded in doing by holding up the fruit as a lure. His malicious and immoral falsehood declared that after she ingested the fruit, (his teaching), she would know everything and be equal to God.[v] That was the trap, the temptation, the seduction. It brought out of her the same pride and vanity that lost us our place in Heaven, thanks to Lucifer. Bear in mind, that the arch-angel wanted to replace and be acknowledged as God, who was and still is an invisible spirit. In order to accomplish this, Lucifer started to change the WORD until his half-lies confused and obfuscated us and we fell with him. Is this not the ultimate show of vanity and pride. How could any creature, granted an existence by God, think they could be His equal.

To prove that the image of the serpent represents the spiritual leaders within all religions that have governed and dominated us since the downfall, I give you the story of Moses in front of Pharoah. Here we have Aaron, a descendant of the Levites, a tribe of Israelite priests, who under the instructions of the now ruling sovereign-god of this world, Satan, was ordered to throw down his staff (which is another word for penis) so that it would miraculously transform into a snake. But the Egyptian priests did the same and their staffs also changed into snakes.[vi] This would suggest that no matter what religion they belong to, both sets of male priests produced serpents as their emblem of strength and power. Why the image of the staff- penis? Because all humans are born into some kind of religious faith, which in turn is controlled by male-priests. Thus, if Aaron had truly been working for the Creator, then a miracle looking more like a lamb of God would have been produced, not a serpent.

Lastly but even more compelling is a quote from Jesus, the only Child of God that was ever born down here:[vii]“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” How much more does one need to be convinced who the serpent represents. He and his supporters continue to this day to be our spiritual leaders, just like they were in Heaven until we were cast out. His minions, priests of all cults, are all those who say they speak for God but in truth they don’t know Him. They are liars. The evidence of this, is that we have not been able to produced other Children of God on this planet, because our so-called spiritual teachers are not from God but from the Devil. Our world is full of murderers, torturers, liars, cheaters etc. It’s a planet full of war, famine, diseases, stress, envy, jealousy and most of all hatred, making it a far cry from paradise. Jesus continues: “If I am telling you the truth why don’t you believe me? He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.”

Finally, this was the reason why the serpent was hanging around the tree of knowledge of good and evil and not the tree of Life. He needed to ensure that his spiritually evil teaching would guarantee the birth of his brand of children and he succeeded because Eve’s first born was a murderer. After seducing her over to the dark side, he used her influence over Adam, whom she convinced to also eat the forbidden fruit, (Lucifer’s teaching), which he did willingly due to his lackadaisical attitude towards his responsibilities. Thus, by rejecting God’s divine teaching, we lost our place in paradise and handed the world over to Satan. A false god, who continues to lie to us and persists on harming us spiritually, intellectually and physically through the legions of souls that have embraced his teaching. Why abuse the people he conquered and who support his teachers-serpents throughout the many religions in this world, you may ask? It is due to his intense hatred against the Creator, because his pride can not forgive God for besting him and having him expelled from Heaven. He understands that the most effective way to retaliate against God is to persecute His creations. That is the lesson that this story is trying to teach us. That everyone must be very careful not to be caught spiritually sleeping when dealing with all the different serpents in the world who support the evil teachings of this fallen angel.


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